1. When will I know if I have been selected for the training?
>We expect to inform applicants shortly after the current application deadline of 9 May 2014.

2. How large is the program?
>For space reasons and to ensure a good ratio of instructors to attendees we are limiting attendance to 30.

3. How do I pay the registration fee?
>Details will be sent to successful applicants after the application deadline.

4. Is accommodation provided?
>Yes. For housing we will utilize the on-site Argonne Guest House.

5. Are meals provided?
>Breakfast, coffee breaks, and dinners are provided. For lunch we will go to the Argonne cafeteria which has a wide variety of options.

6. What financial support is available to attend the workshop?
>We expect to be able to offer modest travel support to a limited number of applicants. e.g. sufficient to cover half a plane ticket to Chicago within the United States. We will *not* be able to cover e.g. the full cost of an international ticket. Applicants should expect to pay for all or most of their travel costs.

7. Are students/postdocs/staff/professors welcome to attend from abroad?
>Yes. All are welcome, but please note the limits on financial support and consider the likely travel costs.

8. Will I need a visa to attend?
>Requirements for attending the training from abroad should be similar to attending a conference in the US. However, due to the large variation in requirements for people from different countries we can not give specific advice. Nationals of visa waiver program countries ( https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/WebHelp/ESTA_Screen-Level_Online_Help_1.htm#vwp2 ) should be able to simply obtain a travel authorization through the ESTA system. We can provide a letter confirming invitation to the training to those who are selected.
For admittance to Argonne National Lab by non-US citizens we will request passport/visa details closer to the date of the training.